Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An emotional experience in Vancouver

I had such a great time here in Vancouver. But one of the most important moments I experienced was the day when I met my roommates first, especially when I saw Ingrid the first time. Before I met her, I was a little bit insecure, because I couldn't talk to my hostfamily yet. I felt a bit disappointed and disillusioned about the family when I first met them, since I had the impression that the don't really want to build up a relationship or something like that with me.

However, the morning I met Ingrid for the first time at our bus station, I was completely relieved. I knew that she's going to be a very nice and friendly roommate and I was sure that my time here in this beautiful city is going to be extraordinarily great. I wasn't desperate anymore and I felt so overjoyed.

Finally, I have to saz thanks to Ingrid. It was her that helped me feeling comfortable here in Vancouver.

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Ingrid Benavides said...

MUAAAAAAAA roomi!!! you're so nice, but I think that what you really want is that I cook for you Quesadillas!!